About Us

Our Story

Inspired by Nature


Standing with all its glory, radiating knowledge, spreading light and full of flowers/fruits and having the best of their appearance, the Bliss Tree is showering the happiness in the life of all.

Taking the same principle forward, our brand “Bliss Tree” is focusing on providing the best healthy alternatives to the public for reaping Healthy Living and pleasure. Inspired by nature, Bliss Tree symbolizes the brand attributes towards creating a happier and healthier planet.

Our Ideology

Bliss Tree is known for its high-quality natural health food products. The ideology of this brand is to bring back the lost glories of food heritage and to make individuals lead a solid, infection free and refreshingly cheerful life. Is someone searching for a real nourishment with no destructive side-effects, Millets are the most-proper and nutritious diet providing a healthier alternative to junk food. Millets are the source of energy for children, youth and the aged, as they are effortlessly edible and exceedingly sustaining.  

Our Process

With three decades of expertise in collecting the purest form of traditional grains from the selective farmers who involved in natural farming practices, Bliss Tree is working to raise awareness of healthy eating and sustainable living to the public.

  • We work directly with over 3,800 farmers across different states in India
  • Best state of the art technology for fresh and hygienically processed food
  • Highly ethical approach in nurturing the purity throughout the process from farm to fork to ensure organic reliability, goodness and consistent excellence
  • Help small & marginal farmers to create sustainable livelihoods
Bliss Tree Reap Healthy Living

Bliss Tree was rooted with the aim to Reap Healthy Living for all. Emphasizing the brand’s nutritional value and benefits to personal health, therefore we follow and emphasize on “Reap Healthy Living”.

Making part of daily diet, Bliss Tree products will be contributing wholesome nutrition to the public that will enable them to combat modern-day ailments and lead a healthy life with much more happiness, love and care.